Terms of submission of claims

1. Deadline for claims for individuals - 24 months from the date of delivery of goods; for legal entities - 12 months.

2. At the time of claim the consumer has the right to a free replacement or repair of the goods. If the defect was caused by the fault of the manufacturer, it covers all the costs associated with manufacturing defects, as well as the cost of repair and parts.

3. The right to claim is valid only upon presentation of the original proof of purchase.

4. It is not possible to provide claims to eliminate the defects appeared because of non-compliance with the instructions for use.

5. The right to claim does not apply to defects caused by the transportation of goods after its delivering to the buyer.

6. Client Is King OÜ does not eliminate the defects free while claimed, if it is caused by:

• goods normal physical wear during normal operation;

• operation, maintenance or modification of non-original or inappropriate parts that are provided by an unauthorized person of the seller; improper use and care of equipment;

• damage, replacement or removal of the serial number of the goods;

• the client was aware of the existing defects before buying goods from the Client Is King OÜ;

• damage caused by lightning or other natural phenomena.

7. Client Is King OÜ responsibility relies on manufactured examination by an authorized representative chosen by the manufacturer. If the examination shows that the defects are due to the aforementioned factors, but repair is possible, the consumer has the opportunity to order a chargeable repair. Repair of the goods, where the cause of the defect is due to damage from liquids / moisture or mechanical interventions made only for a fee.

8. For the provided examination the fee must be paid if Client Is King OÜ is not responsible for found defects and the device can not be repaired. Also, the consumer must make payment for the examination, if the examination is not found the goods to be defective and goods complies with the technical requirements of the manufacturer.

9. Examination fee will not be charged from individuals, if the defect is detected in the first six months, even if the examination is not detected the defect and turns out that goods complies with the technical requirements of the manufacturer.

10. If the consumer does not agree with the position of Client Is King OÜ, the consumer must prove that:

• defect does not meet the contract conditions;

• defect or cause already existed;

• Client Is King OÜ is responsible for the defect.

11. If the Client Is King OÜ has provided a warranty on the goods, the Client Is King OÜ is responsible for the elimination of deficiencies in accordance with the terms of the warranty.

12. For the use of the right to claim, you should contact at indicated on the purchase documents Client Is King OÜ address, or by calling the Client Is King OÜ contact number 6840048 (Mon-Fri)

13. In addition to the claim rights, the buyer has all the other rights provided for by the current legislation of Estonian Republic.

14. address of the importer / repair company / service center: Client Is King OÜ, Punane 42, 13619 Tallinn, Telefon: +372 6840048, E-mail: info@clientisking.eu


In case of any inconsistency of translation the Estonian version is considered as principal official and legal.