General Conditions

1. Terms and validity of conditions

1.1. Conditions apply to all those who have legal relationships that arised when they purchase goods in Client Is King OÜ purchasing environment (hereinafter online store).

1.2. In addition to these conditions legal relationship arised with the purchase of goods in online store are also governed by the applicable legislation of Estonian Republic.

1.3. Client Is King OÜ has the right to amend and supplement the current conditions and the price list in order to develope online store for a better and safer use. Notice of changes and amendments of current conditions and the price list occurs on a webpage; changes and additions to the current price list and conditions come into force from the moment of placing the appropriate changes and additions to the webpage If you order before the notice of changes in conditions, then there are applied the conditions existing at the time the legal relationship between the client and the Client Is King OÜ is stated, except if the law or the current conditions do not provide otherwise.

2. Prices

2.1. online store prices are valid for a period of payment of the invoice, in accordance with paragraph 4.

2.2. All prices include 20% VAT.

2.3. There are added transport costs, which are calculated in your shopping cart. Proposal regarding the cost of courier services will be made to the buyer separately by e-mail or telephone.

3. The shopping cart and order process

3.1. Number of products in the shopping cart may be changed. For this it is necessary to change the Quantity field to the desired amount of goods. To continue ordering, click on the "Update" button. The next step you can choose the type of delivery. To do this, click on the round field just prior to delivery option. Cost and delivery conditions are set further in paragraph 5.1.

3.2. Fill in the contact information and click "Continue." You will be directed to a page confirming your order and payment option.

3.3. Accurate delivery to the buyer depends on the correctly and accurately filled contact information.

3.4. The contract of sale of goods is concluded (Contract enters into force) from the time of order confirmation and / or receipt of the sum of the invoice to the current account of Client Is King OÜ.

4. Payment for goods

4.1. there are four possibilities to make a payment:

1) By clicking on the "Place Order" and then "Continue" will be able to choose from the following payment methods:

A) clicking on the "pay now" you can pay via internet bank (Swedbank, SEB, Nordea, Danske Bank, Krediidipank and LHV via bank link) or by credit card.

B) clicking on the "Pay the bill" the bill will be sent to the stated e-mail of the buyer, which is the basis for payment.

2) you can apply for leasing agreement LIISI from Koduliising OÜ, making a request by clicking on the "Submit a request for leasing."

4.2. the order is canceled, if client’s payment will not be received to the current account of Client Is King OÜ within 3 (three) days.

5. Delivery and transfer of goods

5.1. After the contract entres into force in accordance with paragraph 3.4. the Buyer in contacted about the conditions of delivery by stated telephone number or e-mail. The terms of delivery and the cost can be found at the following link:

5.2. Products with manual in Estonian language and other supporting documents are delivered by post and / or courier company within three working days, unless agreed otherwise.

5.3. When buyer’s goods are given to ordered postal and / or courier company, this company contacts the buyer in advance to arrange a time of delivery.

5.4. Postal and / or courier company will deliver goods to the buyer’s address, stated in the order. Destination can not be changed later.

5.5. Please check the contact details when ordering the goods in order to avoid delays and misunderstandings in the delivery of goods. Client Is King OÜ and postal and / or courier company are not responsible for delays and misunderstandings in delivery of the goods, if the delay and / or misunderstanding occurres because of inaccurate and incorrect data provided by the buyer when ordering.

5.6. Invoice and/ or bill of delivery are sent with goods with courier company. Before signing the bill and / or invoice strongly recommend you to check the goods packaging and in the presence of external damage note this fact in the bill of delivery. We ask you to inform us about the damaged goods packaging by email or Client Is King OÜ contact phone number 6840048. The goods with the presence of damaged packaging fault by the courier company are to be replaced.

6. Cancellation of the order and goods return

6.1. After payment of the goods, but before delivery, You have the right to cancel your order by sending e-mail with relevant information with the invoice and / or order number, as well as providing your account number for money return or by calling Client Is King OÜ contact phone 6840048.

6.2. If the purchased goods for any reason do not suit you, you have the opportunity to return the goods within 30 days, or change to some other goods by sending e-mail with relevant information with the invoice and / or order number, as well as providing your account number for money return and the exact description of how you would like to return the goods or by calling the Client Is King OÜ contact number 6840048. Returned goods must be in original packaging and unused.

6.3. If you cancel your order in accordance with paragraph 6.1 or in accordance with paragraph 6.2 the amount paid by the buyer will be refunded, except the shipping costs incurred when returning the goods in the amount of up to 10 euros (paragraph 6.4). The money is returned to the account of the buyer within 14 days from receipt of refund notice by Client Is King OÜ, except in cases specified in paragraphs 6.4 and 6.5

6.3.1. When returning goods purchased by leasing, the refunded amount is equal to the value of the goods. Costs associated with leasing contract (contract fee, etc.) are non-refundable.

6.4. online store has the right to ask the amount of up to 10 euros for delivery costs of returned goods and take off this amount from the amount to be refunded to the customer.

6.5. If returned goods and its packaging is damaged or damage caused by circumstances that are not associated with the activities of Client Is King OÜ and / or the result of improper use, then the Client Is King OÜ has the right to compensate for the loss of value of the goods from the amount to be refunded to the customer. In order to do that Client Is King OÜ send a notice of recalculation on stated buyer’s email address. If you do not agree with the statement specified in notice of recalculation concerning the reduction of the amount, you have the right to appeal to an independent expert to identify the loss of value of the goods. Expenses related to the examination are divided equally between the buyer and the Client Is King OÜ, except when the position of one of the parties is obviously unjustified. In this case, the party whose position is obviously unjustified will cover the the costs of examination.

7. Claims and Returns of non-compliant goods.

7.1. Client Is King OÜ is responsible for non-compliance and product defect that occur within two years after the delivery of goods to customers.

7.2. Client Is King OÜ is not responsible for:

1) for non-compliance and defective goods fault by buyer;

2) for non-compliance and the defect of goods caused by improper use of the goods;

3) for normal wear and tear of the goods during normal operation.

7.3. You have the right to replace the non-compliant or defective goods by the goods that meet the requirements and free from defects, or to cancel the order or return non-compliant goods at the expense of Client Is King OÜ.

7.4. In case of non-compliant goods the amount is refunded to the stated buyer’s account (including delivery costs) no later than 14 days after the return of the goods.

7.5. In addition to rights according the Law of Obligations of Estonian Republic concerning the quality of goods, you have other rights provided by law.

8. Responsibility and force majeure

8.1. Client Is King OÜ is responsible to you as you are responsible to the Client Is King OÜ with the other party for loss caused by breach of these terms and conditions to the extent provided for by current legislative acts of Estonian Republic.

8.2. Client Is King OÜ is not be responsible for loss or delay in delivery of the goods in cases where the loss or delay is due to circumstances for which Client Is King OÜ can not influence or anticipate (force majeure).

9. Other conditions

9.1. Buyer’s personal information when visiting or making purchases online is treated as confidential information.

9.2. The disputes between the buyer and the Client Is King OÜ are solved via negotiations. If no agreement is reached, you have the right to seek protection of the rights in the Consumer Protection Board or the Harju County Court. Resolving disputes occurs on the basis of the current legislation of the Estonian Republic.

9.3. Prices of goods and availability are subject to change without notice. Client Is King OÜ has the right to cancel the sale and return the money paid by the buyer on his/ her account within 7 working days.

9.4. Goods information is checked and updated regularly. Data can be updated after the last visit of the buyer. If incorrect information is provided about the goods on the fault of the manufacturer, Client Is King OÜ is not responsible for the accuracy of the goods data. Before making a purchase, we recommend to check the accuracy of the information about this goods by sending a written request by email or by calling our contact telephone number 6840048.


In case of any inconsistency of translation the Estonian version is considered as principal official and legal.